After Purchase

Thank you for ordering your Memorial Keepsake with Thymeless Wire!

Here is some important information to help me get started on your keepsake.

Inclusions should be promptly mailed to (or dropped off if local, a drop box is located by the front step):
Thymeless Wire
122 Saul Street
Odessa, Ontario
K0H 2H0
Please include the following information in your parcel (remember to use a bubble mailer when shipping to protect your inclusions):
Full name and order number on each inclusion. If you've ordered multiple keepsakes to memorialize different persons please specify which keepsake each inclusion is for. All inclusions must have this information to make creating your keepsakes a smooth process for me.
Breast Milk should be room temperature, it will not spoil before reaching me, before packaging. This helps prevent condensation and soggy envelopes in transit. The milk can be previously frozen and then thawed or expressed fresh. Whichever your preference. Breast milk should be stored in a breast milk storage bag, escaping as much air as possible. The storage bag should be folded in half and placed into a second breast milk storage bag, escaping as much air as possible before sealing. Please repeat once more with a ziploc style bag. If you are doing a local drop off your milk can remain frozen.
Placenta capsules may be placed in their own ziploc style bag.
Hair/ Fur should be tied together using a  small elastic, string, or some scotch tape and placed in a ziploc style bag.
Cremains, formula, and Umbilical may be placed in their own ziploc style bag.
Dried flowers should be sent in a small box labelled fragile to prevent damage in transit. 

Quantities needed of each inclusion
  • Breast Milk: 1 tbsp for up to 3 keepsakes. Please do not send me more than is needed. do NOT send me all of your milk if you are no longer lactating. 
  • Cremains (Ashes): 1 tsp per keepsake. Please do not send more than is needed and please do NOT send all the cremains you have. 
  • Umbilical: 1 inch piece PER keepsake.When ordering the DNA pea pod, 1 inch is needed per umbilical pea.
  • Hair/ Fur: 20 strand minimum at 1 inch of length PER keepsake.
  • Placenta: must be sent in pill capsule form. 2 capsules are needed PER keepsake. 
  • Formula: 1 tsp of dried powder PER keepsake. When ordering the DNA pea pod, 1 tsp is needed PER formula pea.
  • Dried Flowers: Please send a few samples of each flower you wish to have in your keepsake. Include any greenery as these add beautiful depth.
  • Fabric: A 1 inch square is needed PER keepsake.
  • Custom: Please contact me on Facebook to discuss your custom inclusion(s).
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