Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some Frequently Asked Questions before placing your order.




122 Saul Street, Odessa, Ontario, Canada. Currently accepting orders from Canada and the United States.


How long will it take to process my order?

Current wait times are between 6-8 weeks once I receive your inclusions. I am a working mother and I try my very best to get your keepsake back to you in a timely manner. 


How do I send you my inclusions?

Please refer to the After Purchase page.


How much milk/ hair/ ash/ etc. do you need to complete my keepsake? 

Please refer to the After Purchase page. Remember, do not send me everything you have.


Can I send my inclusions to be signed for?

I do have employment away from home and will not always be able to accept signed for mail. Because inclusions are precious to you I'd hate to miss receiving them and failing to obtain them from the post office due to any number of unforeseeable circumstances. Please send your inclusions as regular priority mail. Never ever send all of what you have, i.e. full lock of hair, last of your breast milk, all cremains, etc. If you feel you don't have enough please send me a message on facebook to discuss. 


Will you return unused items?

I will return everything but breast milk. Please do not send me all of what you have as the postal service can be unreliable and items can be lost. I would hate for you to loose something forever and to never have it back.


Can I change my mind now that my order is placed?

Due to organization purposes I can not allow changes once your purchase has been made. Please be absolutely certain of your design before placing your order.


I am local and would like to drop off my inclusions and pick up my keepsake when it is finished. Do you offer this service?

Yes. If you are local you will need to arrange drop off of inclusions and I will need to arrange for you to pick up your finished Keepsake. When checking out please select the local option as this will waive shipping fees. Note: if you are not local and will not be picking up your keepsake please refrain from selecting this option. Contact me on facebook to set up drop off of inclusions.

Do the European Beads and Charm Beads fit on a Pandora bracelets?

They sure do.  


How do I know you will be using my inclusions and not substituting them with someone else's or a filler?

You will never know for certain. However, I give you my guarantee that I'm using yours, and only your, inclusions to create your keepsake(s). I began creating keepsake Jewelry to honour my own breastfeeding journey and find the idea of using someone else's elements in your keepsake to be completely appalling. I have a very strict procedure in place to ensure your inclusions are used in your keepsake.


I want to order the DNA Pea Pod Pendant, but what if I have more children? Can I add to my pendant or will I need to have a new one created?

Pea Pod Pendant peas are reusable, though the wire is not. Should you have more children and would like to add to your pendant you would need to send back the Pod with your new inclusions. There will be a 50% charge for the new pendant to cover materials for the new pea and the wire to create the pendant. 


Does my milk need to be fresh?

Milk can be fresh from today or frozen 20 years. As long as there is no mold (which is almost impossible) I can use it.


Really? I can mail breast milk?

Yes! Mark the package as liquid and fragile. For US customers, write on the customs form that it is for "preservation purposes." Remember, Inclusions should be packaged in a bubble mailer.


Will the milk not spoil in the mail?

Yes. Your milk will spoil. This is not an issue as the milk is not being consumed. As long as it does not mold (which is almost impossible due to breast milks antimicrobial abilities) before it reaches me I can use it to create a perfectly beautiful keepsake. 


Does the milk need to be mailed in a refrigerated environment?

No. It does not.


My breast milk is high is lipase, is this okay to use?

Yes. This will not affect the quality of your piece.


Will my breast milk stone be white?

I have no way of guaranteeing that your breast milk will create a white stone. Every mommas milk is completely different and unique. I've had stones ranging from white, to blue, to green and pink. 


My little one has very light hair, will this be okay?

Please send a larger lock of hair in this case as it is more difficult to show up in your keepsake so a larger lock will help with this.


Will you contact me once you receive my inclusions?

I will update your order information on our order updates page. I highly recommend sending your inclusions with tracking so you know for certain when it arrives. 


My order is marked as shipped but I don't see tracking information?

Shipping labels will be created and a notification sent out before I can make it to the post office. Please be patient. Tracking information will be updated within 24 hours.


Do you create custom orders?

Absolutely. I'm always happy to work with a customer to create something custom for them. Please contact me on my facebook page so we can discuss your custom piece.


How do I take care of my Keepsake?

Proper care of your keepsake will ensure it has a long life. Your keepsake should be treated as a precious gem. Cleaning the stone should be done with a soft cloth and warm water. I do not recommend using harsh jewelry cleaning chemicals as I have no way of knowing how your choice of cleaner will react to the finish of your stone. Keepsakes are water proof but I recommend removal of jewelry before bathing, swimming, or doing dishes. I also recommend that extended exposure to the sun is avoided as this could discolour your keepsake. 


Can I expect a perfect finish?

All keepsakes are hand made. I can not guarantee a perfect look to any keepsake. You may find specs or bubbles in your keepsake which only adds to the uniqueness of your piece. If you are looking for something flawless then it may not be a good idea to order your keepsake with Thymeless Wire.


Do you guarantee your finished product?

All orders are sent with a finish date. I will guarantee your keepsake for one year from this date. I rely on you to properly care for your piece, but I understand that accidents do happen.


I would like to place an order with my mom/ sister/ friend/ etc. can you accommodate this?

Yes. Please CLEARLY label all inclusions and where they belong in your order.


I'm expected to move before my order is complete, how do I change my address?

Please email me with all relevant information regarding your order and your new address. thymelesswire@outlook.com


I'd like to purchase multiple keepsakes for myself, do you offer a discount on large orders?

Yes. Please contact me through facebook to discuss a discount.


How do you create your keepsakes?

I spent many months and long hours researching and experimenting to learn how to create these precious memories for you. Breast milk goes through a preservation process that turns it to stone. At which point I turn it into powder and all inclusions get encased in resin.


What is resin?

 Resin is a type of plastic that begins in a liquid form. A hardener is added which allows me to add your inclusions to the resin to protect them from the elements. Resin pieces will never be perfect. I sand and polish everything by hand and can not guarantee and perfectly symmetrical product. Working with resin creates a lot of little air bubbles. I work tirelessly to remove these bubbles from your keepsake but it is possible not all bubbles will be removed. Please remember that your keepsake is hand made and will never be factory perfect.